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US Open 2000 after beating Pierce



Q. What is your impression, your thoughts right now? Were you stunned that she quit or could you tell that she was having problems?

Anke Huber: Well, I saw it already from the beginning. I mean, usually she serves a little better, yes, and a little harder, so I saw it. But it was very tough for me to play because I knew that if I am leading maybe a little bit she is going to retire and so I don't know if I just put the balls in, she hits the winners, so it was very tough for me to play. But I don't know what I am thinking right now. I am happy that I am in the quarterfinals, but I feel sorry for her. I saw her in the locker room. She didn't look very happy, so... And we are quite good friends, so it is not --

Q. Did she say anything afterwards?

Anke Huber: No, no. I think she wanted to be alone.

Q. Is it hard to prepare for the next rounds when you have only played for a little while like that?

Anke Huber: Well, I have a doubles today so I will play a little bit more and I saved some energy. It is not too bad. I think I play tomorrow again, so, I don't really mind about that.

Q. Do you know what your record is against any of those players, Dementieva and Osterloh?

Anke Huber: I think I lost to Dementieva once and Osterloh I never played.

Q. Could be a semifinal appearance?

Anke Huber: Could be. They played good. Osterloh and Dementieva had already a good year, you never know what is happening.

Q. You feel like it is a good opportunity for you?

Anke Huber: Sure, I mean, it is a great opportunity, but I better don't think about it. I just concentrate and play my game and not think about it if I have a good draw, that it is a good opportunity, otherwise, I am not putting a ball in.