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11 frequently asked questions to Anke 




1. Who do you get on with on the tour apart from Barbara Schett? 

Anke: I get on well with Iva Majoli, Jennifer Capriati and Amanda Coetzer. But mostly with Babsi. 

2. How do you prepare for a match? 

Anke: Approximately one hour before the match I am alone. I read or I listen to music. 

3. What was your biggest success and your worst defeat? 

Anke: This question is difficult to answer, but one of my most beautiful successes was probably my first victory in Filderstadt, and in the final I beat Martina Navratilova. And also getting to the final at the Australian Open in 1996. I cannot think of my worst defeat but some were not necessary. 

4. With kind of feeling do you have when you play your last tournaments? 

Anke: It is a funny feeling. But I particularly look forward to the tournaments in Germany. 

5. Do you believe that you will miss the life as a tennis professional? 

Anke: I am determined  to miss, above all the match and playing before public. A match on a full capactity Centre-court is great. 

6. If you were not a tennis player, which would have been your occupation? 

Anke: I cannot say. I decided very early to become a tennis professional. But as I child I wanted to be a doctor briefly. 

7. What you could not because you were a tennis player? 

Anke: I would gladly have had more time for my friends. Otherwise I missed nothing. 

8. Are there problems with the hotels, if when you take your dog " Mik "? 

Anke: That is different. In the USA it is very difficult because it is very stressful for him. In Germany and France there are no problems. 

9. Why do you like black dresses? 

Anke: I find black simply beautiful. And black goes with everything. 

10. What was the last movie you saw, and which pleased you? 

Anke: The last movie which I saw  was " chocolate to the breakfast " - that was very funny. Otherwise I do not go  so often to the cinema. I watch videos more, which I  find more pleasant and more comfortable.

11. You live in Salzburg - which do you like there? 

Anke: The environment is very beautiful, and the city is simply super. Additionally the training conditions are optimal in Salzburg. I am pleased every time, if I return there.