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Gerald Mandl is coach of Anke Huber



Vienna - since some weeks ago Anke Huber has spilt with her coach Boris Breskvar. At her side: The Austrian ex-Davis Cup Gerald Mandl.  Anke says 'we will now work some tournaments together, probably up to that U.S. Open'. 

Huber lives like Mandl in Salzburg. We have already trained in Rif the week before Wimbledon together, Mandl is also involved in Salzburg at the construction of the IPTA-Tennis academy. A conversation with Huber-Manager Ralf Scheitenberger has already given it, now one must see, how the two work in  training. I will try to get her motivation up and will explain her a few small things from another point of view, Mandl  hopes and  believes that he can give the 26 year old Germans impulses. 

The father of two children, whose most beautiful memory is the doubles victory in the Davis Cup relegation match against Canada in Vancouver (with Alex Antonitsch) is also training the ÍTV under 18 from September.