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Interview with Brigitte Magazine 18/4/2001




The athletic Anke Huber in sexy black Outfits - that is a side, that nobody knew about you up to now. Are you dis-satisfied with your established image? 
I see myself as a woman, whom one actually hardly knows, in any case, because I am often put into a drawer, in which I - after my and my friends' opinion - not at all in-belongs. In principle I consider established-ness as nothing shameful however. Protecting a certain normality to is me important. However that has nothing to do with boredom. 

Do you believe, that you have talent for modeling? 
Talent? I would say, no. Ask the photographer. 
Comment d. Red: We have done that - Photographer Nicole Neumann told us, Anke Huber has been in the course of the day in the outfits always better and has been very natural - that has done her well, so the judgment of the pro. 

Which status does fashion have for you? 
It is big. I like to go shopping and feel inspired with the offers.  However, I don't have a clear favourite among the fashion designers. 

What is the shrillest outfit that you ever worn? 
Ah never, there I must disappoint you. I don't actually buy shrill clothes. I would not like to attract attention through trivialities like clothing but through other preferences... I usually prefers the colour black, which also led to the topic of the Brigitte-Shootings then. 

Other Agassi was one of the first, that wore denim jeans, in the meantime the majority of players wear extravgant clothes. What do you think of this development? 
Quite plainly the sport has won with this. Reports about the outfits of Kournikova or the Williams sisters bring attention for the entire industry. 

You are 26 years old, and still without Grand Slam title. You always emphasize, that you have not yet given up the dream of a a Grand Slam. What odds do you give each Grand Slam of winning? 
Wimbledon of course - hehe. No, in all seriousness, I certainly have the biggest odds in Melbourne. But in top condition, I  also have chances at the U.S. Open or maybe in Paris. My recipe: Play simply. I haveno more goals, but to enjoy playing tennis. Then the success is caused alone. 

In interviews, you appear very ripe and clarified, if it is about explaining your relationship to your occupation as tennis-pro. Does that fall you easily, or do you always play a littler or bigger bit of theatre also? 
A little theatre belongs to it of course. There I am not the waiter-artist however surely. There are others, that they can better. In the big and totals, I try to be natural. Just so, how I am. 

You meet a person from the future, that in fact the sport tennis, not however you as player knows. How would you describe him  the tennis-pro Anke Huber, so that he gets a realistic picture of you? 
Maybe I would tell him, that he has missed something... no. I would say I was ambitious and concentrated with the work as well as describes generally as self-critical people. From blond and so doesn't want to start we however then...