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Anke Column Translation 30/4/2001




30.4.2001:I would have liked to report over something positive 

Yesterday, I had given only a short evaluation for the WTA and don't want to talk about it otherwise. Now however my fans are right, to learn something more about my injury, because of why I cancelled my participation in Hamburg. 

With the tournament in Estoril, I had drawn in the first-round-match Denisa Chladkova a inflammation on the outside-ankle of the left foot, and I have only done  three hours of intensive tennis-training at most since then. On Sunday morning must I broke off my training-attempt after 15 minutes because of being in pain then. And since I have already sworn myself at the beginning of the year to only to begin with tournaments if I can play painless.  There was no other option than withdrawing, that has made me very sorry. I would have liked to play in Hamburg. 

Yesterday I visited my doctor, who has given me an analgesic and anti-inflammatory shot. Now I must abandon some days with the training again and hope then to be ready for Berlin in time. 

I could genuinely despair. I thought no injuries and I could play some months free. I really hope, that this doesn't become a lengthy matter again. Because then I don't know, what I should do... 

Still something about my Homepage, that I have said before rebuilds completely. The first step is done: in the category informs you can suscribe to a  newsletter that is sent when something changes on the pages, for example a new column, is installed.