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Anke Column Translation 28/3/2001




28.03.2001: The Florida trip was nice!

It has been written a lot that I was close to ending my career if my injury lasted longer. Now I have to say that I am happy not to be in this position anymore as I am now competitive again, surprisingly fast, and also the tour is really fun.

To be honest even now in the early US tournaments that I don't really like. Overall I have played seven singles matches in Indian Wells and Key Biscayne which is definitely more than usual for these two tournaments. I also had a lot of fun, naturally thanks to the now well known Mick but also with my friends(Babsi Schett and Iva Majoli) we went out in the evenings quite a lot. And now I'll enjoy the sun for two or three days before flying back to Europe and be ready for the clay court tournament in Estoril.

5-7, 0-6: that was yesterday evening against Martina Hingis. That looks quite clear. However, the previous match against Nathalie Tauziat was important for me because I didn't win many matches against her lately and I was down 2-6, 0-2 before I could pull it off.

So, this American trip was worth it. Yet, I'm looking forward to being back home, the European tournaments, Estoril where I'm the defending champion, Hamburg and Berlin. But it should become warm because I'm not particularly fond of the German temperatures.

And the 18th of April - as I already said - BRIGITTE is out with my model photos. I have already seen them by the way...