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Anke Column Translation 21/9/2001





Finally it is finished!, my new website is online! In the next weeks some new features will be added, but I hope you already like it as much as I do.


After the US Open I spent a couple of days in New York and I've then trained again at full speed for the coming Autumn indoor tournaments.  Fortunately I was already back home in Salzburg when those terrible terrorist attacks were commited.  It is insane, you play a tournament and the next day a disaster happens in the city you've just left. I am still shocked and since then there is more fear in flying.

I only hope the New Yorker's can overcome this blow of fate.


For me, I must now be totally concentrated to start the indoor season: this weekend I'm going to Leipzig to play the "Sparkassen Cup". After this, I will play Moscow, Filderstadt, Zurich and Luxemburg.  Phew - a lot of work at the end of which - if everything falls into place - is a place for the masters in Munich.

I hope, as my fans, that you cross your fingers for me to make it work!

Yours Anke