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Anke Column Translation 18/4/2001

18.4.2001: The preparation for Hamburg comes to a hold!



Actually I should prepare since my return from Estoril continuously for the tournament in Hamburg, which begins on 30 April. Instead I hang around in medical practices, undergoing physiotherapy and maximum force training for the torso, because I left Estoril once again with an injury.  It is the left ankle, which is injured and does not permit tennis training for the moment. I hope that I can play this weekend.  Already, I have simply no desire to have to pause again because of an injury.

Much time to dedicate myself to Mik (and that is the correct spelling, I was surprised that I wrote it in the last columns always wrong)... -. In the meantime  the jewel Malteser is almost room clean. Sometimes not yet so completely, because he gets already still his Rappel I am on my knees behind him crawling. And still  I have another concern: the chap is already four Kilos with difficulty and quite narrowly. If he is over six Kilos, I may not take him on the airplane no more into the passenger compartment. I will put him on a strict diet.

Until soon!