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Anke Column Translation 12/3/2001

Mick's doing well and so am I!



After reading recent emails, I know what interests you and I'll tell you mine first: Mick's doing well. He overcame the flight to Florida (he just slept!) and he really enjoyed playing in the sun here. I'll try and take him in the shade but he loves the warm weather.

Yes, you wanted to see a photo of Mick, my new love.  But I have to disappoint you and make you wait a little longer: because of Mick I have to give in other usual luggage to spare weight. My digital camera was part of this. So you'll have to wait for my return to Europe to see photos.

In a sport point of view it's also perfect: two games, two wins, eighth finals reached. I think I'm playing better than I ever did in Indian Wells, a tournament I don't really like (because it's so windy). And in doubles too, back with my friend and standard partner Babsi Schett, I'm still in the draw. Let's see what's gonna happen!


Anke Huber