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Anke Column Translation 6/5/2001




After hand and foot now the teeth: obviously a virus creeps around in my body, which wants to put me so correctly to the test. How long does my patience hold?  The picture newspaper wrote about me retiring, however that is total stupidity.  Momentarily I have a bad phase, which should be over now hopefully.

After I had to pull out of the German open in Berlin on Saturday, because the training  was simply excessive by the long injury break, the pain in my  teeth came in the afternoon.  Early on Sunday morning there was no more delay. In a very fast operation three wisdom teeth were pulled out.

The consequence: My cheeks were green and blue, I looked cruel. Thus the next disappointment followed: I wanted to fly early on Monday to Berlin, in order to present my new co-operation with the enterprise Technogym, the manufacturer of Fitnessgeraeten, leading world-wide, (supporting for example also the Ferrari team and Michael Schumacher. But I did not fly...this was also cancelled at short notice. At the moment I cannot go out into the public. Perhaps one thinks of, there photos would have been made... that an advertisement for the enterprise would have been!

Nevertheless I must also gain from this time off positively . Perhaps thereby the inflammation stove is away, the cause for the injuries on the basis and foot. I hope it at least. My next tournament will be in the coming week in Rome. If there is new to report somewhat, I will tell you!